Programs -- Winter Training Sessions

Register forUtah Crew

 Follow six easy steps:

1. Contact for registration and paymentinformation. 

2. Complete a USRowing Waiver form.

    Sign the waiver online

     Print the waiver and bring to first practice

3. Print a swim test form.  Take the form to your nearest pool and demonstrate the required skills to the lifeguard on duty so they may sign your form. Submit the swim test before your first on water practice. *** NOT Needed for Winter training sessions. 

4. Print a Medical Release Form and complete it with all necessary information.

5. Print and sign a Code of Conduct and bring to your first practice.

6. Bring the following completed forms to your first practice:

  • U.S. Rowing Waiver
  • Swim Test Form *** Not needed for Winter training sessions
  • Medical Release Form
  • Utah Crew Code of Conduct
  • Confirmation email from Regatta Central

Winter Training Sessions

For Experienced and First Time Rowers!

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday practices
4 - 6 pm

New Rowers come try Winter training before signing up! (All paperwork still needs to be completed prior to the trial session). 

Winter Training Session I

November 28th - December 21st
MWF 4 - 6 pm
Price $140 per session

Winter Training Session II

January 9th - February 3rd
MWF 4 - 6 pm
Price $140 per session

Winter Training Session III

February 6th - March 3rd
MWF 4 - 6 pm
Price $140 per session

If all three sessions are signed up for the price is $390

SL Indoor Rowing Championship

The Salt Lake Indoor Rowing Championship (SLIRC) is presented by Utah Crew.  Open to Junior, Collegiate and Masters athletes -- as individuals or in teams -- this event is held annually during the bleak winter months.  It provides focus to the Winter Training Session as well as brings together rowers and CrossFit athletes to compete at all levels.

Tentatively Scheduled for February 11th, 2017 at Publik Coffee

More Information

 Practice will be held at West High School. Contact for details. 241 300 North Panther Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84103 

Utah Crew offers scholarships for financial assistance with tuition, uniforms, and travel expenses.

For more information and an application, contact us.