Programs -- Fall Season

Register for Fall 2016

We ask that you register at the Fall Parent Meeting. If you are unable to make it, please see below for registration: 

Follow seven easy steps:

1. Register for the program please contact us at

2. Complete a USRowing Waiver form.

    Sign the waiver online

     Print the waiver and then scan or take a photo and send to

3. Print a swim test form.  Take the form to your nearest pool and demonstrate the required skills to the lifeguard on duty so they may sign your form. Submit the swim test before your first on water practice.

4. Print a Medical Release Form and complete it with all necessary information.

5. Print and sign a Code of Conduct and then scan or take a photo of it and send to

6. Scan or photograph the following completed forms:

  • U.S. Rowing Waiver
  • Swim Test Form
  • Medical Release Form
  • Utah Crew Code of Conduct
  • Confirmation email from Regatta Central

7. Submit scans or photographs to We only accept paper copies at the spring or fall parents' meetings. 

Learn to Row This Fall!

First Time Rowers Can Join Our Recreational or Competition Team!

No experience required. You can join mid-season on a space available basis. You can follow the instructions listed to the left or email us for more information!

Recreational Program

For returning rowers!
Monday, Wednesday & Fridaypractices
4:00 - 6:00 PM
Wasatch Mountain Head local regatta on Saturday, September 24th.

$400 per rower for practice + local regatta

Follow the instructions listed to the left or email us for more information!

Competitive Program

Competitive Program
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 4:00 - 6:00 PM
Saturday from 8:00 - 11:00AM
Local Regatta -- Wasatch Mountain Head, Saturday September 24th 2016
Travel Regatta: San Diego Fall Classic, November 13th 2016

$600 per rower for practice + local regatta

$500 estimated expenses for travel regatta
(tentative travelpricing)

You can follow the instructions listed to the left or email us for more information!

Attend Pre-Season Meeting

Rowers and Parent/Guardians -- Join us for
Fall 2016 Pre-Season Meeting August 20th at 5PM

Sugarhouse Park

Email us for more information!

Scholarship Program

Utah Crew offers scholarships for financial assistance with tuition, uniforms, and travel expenses.

For more information and an application, contact us.